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Tsunami Risk Reduction activities a highlight for Comparative Study Tour participants

On 8 April, comparative study tour participants learnt about tsunami risk reduction activities in place in Wellington.  Dan Neely from the regional emergency management office (WREMO) provided insight into the internationally awarding winning blue line initiative.  The initiative is much more than blue paint marking the maximum credible tsunami inundation extent.  It provides a platform for communities to understand their potential tsunami hazards, the associated risks and how they might collectively manage these risks.

Participants visited a street in the Island bay community where the blue line initiative was initially developed.  Dan explained that the project has been effective at raising community awareness on what to do in the event of strong, long earthquake; more than conventional signage mounted on poles.  Also, schools in the blue line areas have conducted evacuation drills with one school fundraising to construct a staircase so children and staff can evacuate quicker and more safely in the event of an earthquake.

In the tsunami safe zone! StIRRRD comparative study participants learn about the Wellington blue line initiative.

Near the coast in Island Bay, Dan showcased public education messageboards that have been erected in locations where the public gather, such as playgrounds.  These strategically placed boards provide information on evacuation zones, key routes and what to do in the event of an earthquake.

There was substantial discussion from our Indonesian participants and many questions on implementation of the project.  These discussions continued on the following day where participants presented their draft DRR action plans, some of which had been amended to include similar community-led initiatives.

Study visit participants are briefed by Dan on Island Bay tsunami risk.

Other StIRRRD districts, from the 2015 comparative study tour, are also considering similar projects.  Pesisir Selatin has been in discussion with StIRRRD team members on how they might apply the blue lines project in their local context.  Support by BNPB, the national disaster agency, the role out of this project would be a first for Indonesia.  Watch this space!

StIRRRD New Zealand Comparative Study Programme Field Trip: Wellington-Taupo-Rotorua 13-14th June 2015

The Comparative Study Programme finished with a two day field trip from Wellington to the central North Island exploring landslide and volcanic hazards, monitoring and early warning systems. Mike Page and Brenda Rosser from GNS led the field trip with assistance from Nico, Phaedra and Noel.  We left Wellington in glorious sunshine which unfortunately did not continue as we drove north. Continue reading StIRRRD New Zealand Comparative Study Programme Field Trip: Wellington-Taupo-Rotorua 13-14th June 2015

StIRRRD New Zealand Comparative Study Programme 5-19th June 2015

The New Zealand StIRRRD team recently hosted a 27 strong delegation from Indonesia for a Comparative Study Tour of Disaster Risk Reduction.  The delegation consisted of representatives from UGM, regional governments and parliaments from the four districts Pesisir Selatan, Bengkulu, Donggala and Mataram, central government representatives including the Director for Disaster Risk Reduction from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, National Planning and the Ministry for Rural and Underdeveloped Regions and Transmigration. Partner universities, Universitas Andalas, Universitas Bengkulu, Universitas Tadulako, and Universitas Mataram, also attended.  The delegation was led by UGM Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Alumni, Dr. Paripurna Sugarda and was accompanied by a translator, Zamira Tatapamang. Continue reading StIRRRD New Zealand Comparative Study Programme 5-19th June 2015