The StIRRRD Activity Toolkit

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5.0 Strengthening Stakeholder Commitment – Finalising the Action Plan

To update and finalise the Action Plan with commitment across agencies.


  • Agree and finalise the Action Plan through a series of reviews, workshops andmeetings (e.g. with DRR forum and OPD coordination meetings). This needs toinclude assignment of roles and responsibilities across agencies, a timeline, andbudget allocation.
  • OPDs should be aligning Action Plan activities with their individual work programmesincluding Bappeda alignment with the Regional Development Plan (RJMPD).
  • Where regulations do not already exist, new local government regulations should bedeveloped as a first step and existing regulations revised.
  • Establish a DRR forum to coordinate DRR activities and budgets if it doesn’t already exist.
  • Consider the formation of a Lifelines Group.

Activity Resources and Instruments


Case study examples

Strengthened Indonesian Resilience – Reducing Risk from Disasters

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