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What is StIRRRD?

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The StIRRRD Activity Toolkit provides a guideline, resources and case studies to help implement DRR capacity building activities in Indonesia at a district government level. The Toolkit is based on 7 development stages (as below) and is structured around these, describing the types of activities that can be implemented at each stage, along with the instruments and resources that can be used, possible outputs and some case studies. The Toolkit is available in English and Bahasa Indonesian.

Development Stage
  1. DRR Context, Information Gathering
  2. Common Understanding of Hazard, Risk & DRR
  3. Political Awarenes & Endorsement of DRR
  4. Increasing DRR Competency
  5. Strengthening Stakeholder Commitment & Finalising the Action Plan
  6. Political Commitment to Support and Fund
  7. Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation
  1. Introductory Visit
  2. Action Plan Development
  3. Presentation to Parliament, MoU Development
  4. Comparative Study Visit, Training
  5. Finalise Action Plan
  6. Presentation to Parliament
  7. Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation

Strengthened Indonesian Resilience – Reducing Risk from Disasters

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