This video gives an introduction to the natural hazards affecting Indonesia and the StIRRRD project:

This is one of the recent educational initiatives of the StIRRRD project:

Here is an update from Nico Fournier, at the mid point of the StIRRRD project:

This video introduces the new DRM centre in Lombok:

Highlights of the Vision Matauranga visit to Agam in February 2017

This video highlights some of the activities of the 2016 comparative study tour in Hawkes Bay:

Experiences of delegates of the New Zealand Comparative Study Tour in 2015

The new tsunami shelter in Bengulu revisited by Phil Glassey:

UGM and GNS Science run workshops where different agencies in Indonesia can engage around the issues of Disaster Risk Reduction. Here is an example from Palu in Sulawesi:

How can you escape a tsunami in a flat coastal area?  Progress is being made in the construction of vertical evacuation buildings in Sumatra:

Noel Trustrum’s work in Indonesia laid the foundation for the StIRRRD project. Here is a short video about his recently published book on the 10 years of recovery from the 2004 tsunami in Aceh:

New Zealand works together with overseas partners to develop and share our Disaster Risk Reducation approach:

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Strengthened Indonesian Resilience – Reducing Risk from Disasters

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